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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I make a donation?

    You can directly donate to Solidarité Libanaise on the website. You can press here to be redirected to the donations page.

    What is the difference between the monthly donation and the one-time donation?

    The difference between a monthly donation and a one-time donation lies in their frequency and impact:
    1. One-time Donation: This is a single, lump-sum contribution made to Solidarité Libanaise. It’s a one-off financial support provided at a specific point in time. It is valuable and can make a significant impact, especially when many individuals contribute together.
    2. Monthly Donation (Recurring Donation): This involves committing to regularly scheduled contributions on a monthly basis. Monthly donors pledge to give a fixed amount each month, providing sustained and predictable support to Solidarité Libanaise. They provide a consistent stream of income, enabling the NGO to plan and implement projects more effectively.
    In summary, while a one-time donation offers immediate support and flexibility, a monthly donation provides ongoing, sustained support that allows Solidarité Libanaise to plan and maintain stability in its operations. Both forms of donations are valuable and contribute to the organization’s ability to make a difference, albeit in different ways.

    How do I make sure that my donations are getting to the right people?

    Donators will receive a report for the month the donation was made during. The report will detail all the information about how the donations were spent, and the number of people who were helped.

    How can I contact Solidarité Libanaise?

    Please head to the Contact us page and fill the form.

    Where can I follow your activity?

    To follow our activities, events, and news, please head to our social media pages:

    • Facebook ( fb page name link),
    • Instagram (@Solidaritelibanaise)
    • Tiktok (Solidaritelibanaise)